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luxCREATIVE Media provides cutting-edge photography, video and media marketing tools specifically designed for the luxury vacation rental, hospitality, design  and architecture industries. Our team has photographed over 2,000 homes and hotels since 2006 and we possess combined experience in photography/videography of over 60 years. Through this experience, we have become particularly attuned to the needs and demands of the luxury market and we can help maximize the marketability of your property within this demographic. As many of our clients can attest, you will see a direct correlation between our media marketing tools and the profitability of your property. Studies have shown that high quality, professional photography can increase vacation rental bookings by 98%. If that is the case, imagine what a full portfolio of media marketing tools such as virtual tours, videos and cinemagraphs can do for your property. At luxCREATIVE Media, we are constantly pushing our creative limits to help set you apart from your competition. The goal of our work is to invite the viewer to the experience of your property and leave them saying to themselves, “I want to be there right now!”

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